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Airport Advertising in the Summer Season Provides a Glimpse of Post-Pandemic Opportunities


The pandemic may have halted our 2020 travel plans but it seems that the worst will soon be over.

In recent months, airports have experienced an increase in foot traffic with millions of travel-starved individuals booking summer trips. These numbers are expected to soar as more people get vaccinated, cities ease restrictions, and borders reopen.
How should brands take advantage of this moment? Here are the perks that you need to know.

Airport Traffic Will Soar
Airport traffic has reached its busiest levels since the pandemic began. The American Automobile Association predicted around 37 million people traveled over the Memorial Day weekend. Furthermore, TSA screened around 1.9 million passengers on May 29, an all-time high since March 2020.

A similar study by the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and The Harris Poll found that more than half (51%) of consumers plan to travel more often than in the pre-Covid era.

As more people travel, OOH ads and digital signages will be a promising medium for promoting products and services in airports.

Why are OOH Ads in Airports a Prime Opportunity for Brands?
There are a lot of advertising channels available in the digital age. But in the foreseeable future, OOH ads will rule the airport advertising industry.

Here are some of the reasons why.

1. OOH ads let travelers find information
Due to the ongoing vaccine rollout, consumers are more open to other forms of transportation such as planes (59%), trains (56%), and rideshare (50%).

As travel continues to soar this summer, expect millions of passengers to passively and directly interact with OOH ads along terminal corridors, waiting areas, security lines, and food courts. Fashion brands like Calvin Klein and Chanel have consistently launched OOH campaigns to reinforce their brand's prestige for international audiences. Meanwhile, local restaurants, hotels, and destinations can also utilize OOH campaigns to establish their credibility the moment travelers arrive at their destination.

2. OOH ads can capture data & drive action
OOH ads are equipped with technological capabilities which enable them to collect data on consumer behavior. Businesses within the vicinity of airports can utilize its data attribution features for visitation and brand studies.

For advertisers, this means they'll be able to identify the OOH campaigns which received the highest number of impressions in airports. They can also determine the number of consumers who arrived at physical outlets upon viewing the ad or visited their website. With this strategy, you can launch OOH ads with data-driven results and assure clients that their budget is well-spent.

For B2B tech brands like TripActions, reaching bustling business decision-makers at the San Jose Airport with a full airport digital takeover can generate maximum awareness to drive new registrations for their new business spend management product.

3. OOH ads can display dynamic content
OOH ads come in a variety of ad formats at the airport with creative ways to trigger communications:

  • Static: Includes printed vinyl that covers the rest of the display for 100% share-of-voice
  • Digital: Utilize LEDs to display animations and video advertisements via a massive screen, dioramas or kiosks in multi-advertiser rotations
  • Interactive: Encourage audiences or viewers to engage & participate in OOH campaigns 

Brands that can leverage multiple OOH ad formats will have more chances of reaching and entertaining travelers. For example, Google Play's "Tap or Scan" airport campaign encouraged onboarding passengers to download the Google Play app on their Android devices. While waiting for their flight, they could browse the application to pass the time.

How will you advertise in the post-pandemic era?
Hotels, restaurants, and businesses can utilize OOH campaigns to reach thousands of consumers in the post-pandemic era.

Thanks to advancements in technology, there are a variety of OOH ad formats for brands that want to prepare for the uptick of travelers. Yet, the key to launching an effective campaign will involve planning ahead by locking down inventory as demand increases this summer and fall.

The good news is that Billups managed and technology services can help secure media placements in airports. Our business can also launch brand campaigns that resonate with your audience, so they’ll be more compelled to check out your business during their vacation.