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Going Hyperlocal: How to Make the Most Out of Your Hyperlocal OOH Campaign

Media saturation is at an all-time high. It’s inescapable; from fast fashion clothing when you open TikTok to Botox specials on Instagram. The effectiveness of digital, social, and mobile advertising is declining with over 30 percent of consumers using ad blockers on their smartphones (I know I can’t be the only one who selects “Skip Ads” on Youtube or immediately swipes up as soon as I encounter the TikTok ad).

To cut through the clutter, marketers must create the perfect mix of the right message being delivered to the right people at the right place and time.

That's why brands are shifting their focus to hyperlocal out-of-home (OOH) and digital OOH (DOOH) advertising. Brands have access to detailed data that allow them to decide where and how to reach their target audience. Here are key strategies every advertiser needs to know.

What's Hyperlocal OOH Advertising?

Hyperlocal OOH advertising enables marketers to reach targeted audience segments at a specific location, such as a subway station, local park or grocery store. Such strategies are made possible by the rich data accessible to advertisers today, which helps them understand the "what, when, where, and how" of intercepting consumers along their daily journey. Think of the latest protein shake ad inside a gym locker room or a billboard of your neighborhood insurance agent.

The Benefits of Hyperlocal OOH

Today, most everyone carries a smartphone. Augmented by real-time location data from mobile devices, a hyperlocal OOH strategy allows advertisers to deliver highly targeted content to increase the effectiveness of any campaign.

OOH also delivers the highest rate of online activation per dollar among all offline media. Hyperlocal OOH allows brands to execute cross-channel campaigns relevant to specific locations and audiences while bridging online and offline touchpoints to deliver a truly omnichannel experience.

Get the Most of Your Hyperlocal OOH Campaigns

Here's how to take advantage of a hyperlocal approach to boost your OOH and DOOH ad campaigns:

Use Hyperlocal Examples

Leverage local stories and events in your OOH ads. For example, you can highlight testimonials from customers living in the area, feature an employee in a local store or relate your product to something happening in the neighborhood. Postmates did an excellent job where they merged food context with local restaurants in their OOH ads.

Go Back to Your Roots

If your company is based in the area, don't hesitate to mention it. Highlight the brand's origin story and refer to places where important milestones happened. This can help you connect with the audience and get the attention of the local media and press.

Run Integrated Campaigns

Hyperlocal OOH can be highly effective when paired with various digital channels. For instance, you can use OOH ads to drive traffic to a specific landing page where you deliver information or offers that are most relevant to visitors in the area.

Integrate with Social Media

Create OOH campaigns that have the potential to go viral. Plan for installations that will stop people in their tracks and drive them to share on social media. You can also encourage the viewer to tag your brand on social media by including a hashtag within the creative message.

Become Part of the Customer Journey

The messaging on your hyperlocal OOH should meet the customer along their journey. You might prompt shoppers to sign up for a coupon code when they’re in front of a shelf where your products are displayed. Or, in the case of Versace, announce the opening of a new store in the neighborhood.

Augment Hyperlocal OOH with Data Science

Artificial intelligence and machine learning allow marketers to tap in to the power of data to drive hyperlocal OOH. By understanding the audience's mindset and behaviors, brands can show the most relevant messages and content to facilitate dynamic customer engagement.

Our customized targeting capabilities and OOH platform are designed to enable advertisers to leverage billions of location-based data points from over 300 million mobile devices. This provides advertisers the opportunity to reach consumers in specific regions and geofences to maximize their hyperlocal OOH strategies. Get in touch to see how Billups can help with your next OOH program.